We are a small business located in Mandurah, Western Australia. Primarily our role is the day to day administration of various Western Australia (WoZ) web sites.

By the way, WoZ is pronounced W-Ozzie as in West Ozzie.

As a small local business we believe in supporting local businesses whenever possible and with that in mind, we do not outsource any of our services! Many web site companies don't own the hardware their services run on, they lease from overseas or interstate. We are different! All our servers are physically located in Mandurah and the expertise & experience keeping it all going is also right here in Mandurah.


We got tired of searching the Internet and being presented with results from irrelevant locations. Have you ever searched a Classifieds site for a used car and found exactly what you're looking for only to find it's in Melbourne and your in Joondalup?

We decided two things;

  1. Western Australians are the best Australians,
  2. West Aussies deserved sites for WA and only WA.

We have no interest in places that aren't Western Australia. We are locals and believe in supporting locals - it's as simple as that.

That's the story so far. As our future unfolds we will update this page, in the meantime make sure you support local business by buying locally which in turn employs local people.